My apologies everyone for mis-informing you on the Torque Spec. 47 ft. lbs. is correct. I have edited my previous posting.


That's my read too. Anybody know differently?

who is the expert that says 47 is correct ? my manual has the sticker that says 61 lbs. is it.

my manual also didnt come with the insert in the front. :)


What in the heck is the flywheel nut listed under in the manual????? It sure as heck aint under flywheel!!

My manual has no extra sheet at all, and where did everyone find 4 different referances to the flywheel nut. I couln't find even 1. HELP

Congrats Jeff on finally getting your bike. Now I know that there are at least 3 WR 450s in the State of Oregon.


Look under "Rotor", pg 2-19, 4-76, 4-77, 4-81 of my manual. Hope that helps. Mine had the cut & pastes inside saying 61 lbs and the correction sheet inside the front cover that said 47 lbs. It was just a loose piece of paper that easily could have fallen out at the dealer or before.

so which one is right ???? 47 or 61 ???????

:D :D :D:)

So, which is it? I'm picking my WR450 up in the morning and the dealer said they would gladly pull the cover, loosen and re-torque the nut for me. Now, I just need to know which torque spec is correct! I'm inclined to go with the tighter setting. Anyone have access to the YZF450 manual? I would assume it would be on the tighter side of whatever that one says because of the heavier flywheel and the starting mechanism. If my thinking is way off base, PLEASE, let me know!!

ddialogue glad to hear your getting your bike tomorrow after getting F'd by your dealer. i am with you on this one. i would think that the 61 would be the corect one but i don't wanna say that for sure cause nobody has checked to see what the bolt is torqued at when we get them. so i think everyone that says oh my manual and the pull out sheet say this doesn't mean a thing since we have 3 different specs. nobody knows for sure till someone takes a torque wrench out and see's for them selves. just my 2 cents

My manual says 61. It has an update sticker as well. I do not have an un-attached insert.

If your manual say 41 check the last 4 of your vin. Mine is 0882 and it has it. Maybe earlier ones do not? I am checking mine at 61.


I just verified with a YZF450 owner on the rotor nut torque spec and it's spec'd at 40ft-lbs. I'm more inclined to think that 47 is correct for the WR. However, 61 still seems a safer bet, to me. I'm gonna be at the dealership first thing in the AM while the tech is doing this and hopefully, verify where it's torqued at from the factory.

I picked up mine today and the dealer said they have not heard of any problems with the rotor nut.

My manual has a sticker w/ 61 lbs torque for this nut, my manual has the insert and reads:


WR450FR USA Manual# 5TJ-28199-10 Page 2-19,4-76,4-77,4-18


NOTE: Tighten the rotor nut to 65Nm(47ft-lb), loosen and retighten the rotor nut to 65Nm(47ft-lb).


85Nm 61ft-lb.

According to the correction sheet the stickers on the manual stating 61 lbs are wrong, the correct torque is 47lbs.

I'm confused, why was the manual corrected with stickers that are wrong and to make things worse the torque under the stickers (the printed torque) is 50 lbs.

:) :confused:The correction sheet says that the correction on the manual is incorrect.

FINALLY--FINALLY!! Got the call today and picked up my new wr. My manual said 61 ft/lb and the dealer set it to this. I sure hope it is correct. started multiple times with e-button with no problems. super super lean at 5000 ft. I will be working on that next. bike is too pretty.

Hey everyone, I just tried to loosen the nut with my torque wrench and I couldn't even break it loose. I tried putting it in first and then stand on the rear brake. Any other suggestions?


Hey Jim, Sorry, Japan calls it the Rotor.


You could try putting it in 5th, that gives the brake better leverage on the motor. Short of that you may need to remove the clutch cover and back up the nut there.

It sounds like the rotor is distorting under too much torque causing an improper taper fit. The taper fit is what does most of the holding, not the woodruff key. The big "pop" you hear when you use a puller is the breaking of the taper friction bond. I would use the lesser torque simply because it is similar to what is used for the other bikes. My 02 WR426 is 40 ft lbs, and my 03 250 is 35 ft lbs... it seems unlikely that anything over 50 would be correct.

UPDATE I checked my torque and it was 47# and I left it that way.

I posted earlier that a DRZ 400 electric start uses 72.5#

Based on that 61# might not be unreasonable. The average of 47# and 61# is 54# which may be what I use when I check mine tomorrow.

I think it boils down to the specific design of the rotor. If too much torque is used for the amount of outer material provided to hold the proper taper shape while the rotor is being pressed on the shaft - well you see the problem... the comparison to Yamahas was used because the design would likely be similar. Other brands could have any number of differences that would defy torque comparisons, I think. Also, I don't think that the electric start would impose more loading than would be found in a non-electric engine, such as the reverse load imposed due to a backfire. It would be interesting to compare the rotor design around the taper between an 02 and 03 and see if there has been a reduction of "meat" to compensate for the electric start weight.

Remember more is not always better. The reason Yamaha dropped it to 47lbs is maybe to protect the starter gear from being damaged. Better to shear the Woodrif key than a gear. By the way I get mine today. :)

I just loosened and re-torqued mine to 47 ft.lbs. today. It came loose with less than 47 ft. lbs. applied to my torque wrench, for what it's worth. I also went to my dealer and talked with sales and service to let them know about this problem (sheared keys), just to "put them on notice" in case I have a problem.


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