1,000.00 gift card what should i spend it on

I need to know what i missed.

What would be the best way to spend it.

Already have these done:

Pro Rekluse Rk chain Pro taper bars Windom TGT handlebar subtank system Stainless oil filter RDP Suspention work (springs and revalve) Best mod of all was the suspention) FX graphic's, simply the best, even the logos look the same as manufacture's Cp Piston 13/75/1:banana: ASV and Zeta lever's Air filters 2 Twin air's and 1 No-Toil w-cage DR.D pipe DR.D Radator lowerering kit Hour meter 40.00 and DR.D mount

Works connection skid plate Foot peg rubber boots work good

Fasst Touque wrench ASV sag scale Fuel tank foam not installed yet

50 tooth sun sprocket going back to 49 Thow

DR.D brake line clamp Lightended it up Numbered Fuel screw

SDG step seat in blk CYCRA M2 hand gaurds

Merge Racing - Hydraulic Preload Adjuster

Front and rear wheel bearing kits MSR

Ordered over the last two weeks: Neutec tubleless tire

Going with FX Graphic's again

Chain roller and slide kit

0-15 PSI tire gauge

Lot of misl. seals and a few bearings Grips Throtle tube misl. yamaha seals and o-rings brake cable guide

Might try 48 tooth rear

Motion Pro Chain alignment tool

Wheel sets like new Talon hubs and Excel rims

Wish list: Is the new sidwinder TY sprockets with there new chain 370.00 good for life or they will replace it http://sidewindersprockets.com/

Coming soon:

ASV lever set blk in short with boots and hardware, there going on sale for 150.00.

ARAI medium helmet

RXR chest

IN search of: Handle bar pad

Tools: Tire changer Wheel truing stand

seems like all you have left to purchase are new tires, or send it to my yamaha fund, she needs some bling. :busted:

Loudmouth air filter system

Get your suspension done!

Some fancy triple clamps would be nice.:busted:

Rims and hubs.

+2 on the suspension

Guys he already has his suspension setup:thumbsup:

Set up a race entry fee scholarship program for the kids that don't have parents that pay for everything.

Donate some $$ to the Blue Ribbon Commision

I'll take a graphics kit!

I vote tires, maintnence, and entry fees:thumbsup:

2nd the stabilizer and entry fees for the less fortunate...

wish ya didn't ask yet?:busted:

or maybe the "human fund":lol:

its a giftcard people, how can he give it to poeple who dont have money..

i would buy 5 sets of tires. oil. airfilters. sprockets chains. maybe a nice set of triple clamps..

save the gift card for when you need to buy something for your bike. but i would stock up on stuff that you need to use a lot, like the stuff i said befor.

hows your riding gear.

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