2004 CRF250R valve springs

I was wondering what is the best way to go on new valve springs for my 2004 CRF250R without breaking the bank. I have seen Kibblewhite spring sets for around $200 on ebay. I am using Ferrea Stainless valves and I want to make sure the Valve job I'm paying $500 for holds up ($240 is labor alone). I would like to get them before head is reassembled. By the way I don't have $200 to spend on springs!!!:busted:

with the heavier valves you must run heavy duty springs or it'll wreck havoc on your valve components. I use oem valves so I can't tell you a price on heavy duty ones, sorry.

However, that is a lot for labor. For half that they should be able to cut your seats and install everything I believe.

Well the labor includes cutting seats replacing both exaust guides and reassembling the head and shimming valves. $100 for cutting seats $70 for valve guide replacement and $70 for dissassembly and reassembly. By the way where can I get ferrea springs?

I got your pm but could not respond for some reason i have the ferrea spring kits but my kits have change and now have the retainers coated as i was seeing to much wear on the titanium retainers we had the same problem with some other high end spring kits also .i also have my own ferrea valves that wear much longer than the ferrea part .a complete rebuild on your head with guides and all the parts mentioned should have been around$550 that would have included the spring kit also.

I paid $105 for the valves, $45 for a lightly used hotcam camshaft, $55 for hotcam tappet kit, $57 for new lifters, $32 for new exhaust valve guides and $240 for machine work and labor. But I didn't know I needed heavier valve springs until I started reading things on TT. How much would valve spring kit cost?

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