YZ 426 decomp lever

I have read a ton of posts on how to upgrade with a 450 exhaust cam and how hard these bikes are to start. For me hard starts are something I accepted since this is my first bike and on a budget. Granted, I am out of shape but starting it really isn't bad...wieghting 250+ helps. Today my bud Patrick and I went out riding at a local pit and this guy "Axle" introduced himself and said he rides for a sponsored team locally. After watching me start the bike (got lucky..one kick) he offered to show me the "right" way.

Axle is about 6' and guessing 150lbs, he pulled the kicker out and rolls to TDC full compression, pulls in the comp lever and pushed the kicker down about 3 inches. Letting the kicker go to top he sits and easily starts the bike one kick.

I gave it a try and with the exception of a few times I missed the compression stroke it was easier to start than Patrick's 426/450 conversion.

:busted: congrats you have learned the right way now. haha

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