Seat foam/ aftermarket

I have 4 hours on my 09 and I can feel the base of the seat already..I stand up alot but today I hit a gout coming out of a turn and about cracked my tailbone lol What are you guys running for aftermarket foam? I dont like sdg at all they just fall apart but what about factory effex? Guts racing website is close to impossible to navigate so im not gonna bother with them either..Is there any other places that sell good foam?

well i use guts, very comfy and grippy. aswell as long last lasting. if gut the hump on the rear for more traction and comfort if you dont wanna go for them then try factory effex.

I had the same SDG seat on 2 different bikes ( 2 years in total ) and it was good on the day i sold the bike. i would say they are softer than standard, and the fit of the seat isnt great, but was a still a good seat to me.

sorry that doesnt really help you in anyway. never bought any other seats apart from genuine kawasaki and the complete SDG seat.

i have had good luck with the FACTORY EFFEX tall seat foams

I ordered the new 09 Team Green kit from Nstyle looks really good this year, has anyone bought on of the full kits and try putting the seat cover that comes with the kit on a tall foam? I want to order the factory effex foam but not to sure if the team green cover will fit.

Anyone ?

I have used both SDG and GUTS, and sold the SDG after 5 hours, as it does not even hold a candle to the GUTS. I use the tall/soft GUTS.

I also use the Enduro Engineering on my KTM 525, and it is great as well, but EE does not make Kawi seats...

Just give GUTS a call instead of the website.

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