new bike choice.... really stuck here guys

well next weekend im most likely to get myself a new bike (08 model) and ive narrowed it down to the crf and the kxf... just wondering if anyone has ridden or owned both theese bikes and which one do u like better. I am partial to the crf but my gut tells me to go with the kxf.

Well i will give you 2 reasons to get the CRF

#1 is simple, who has won the 250F and 450F shoot out since 04? nuf said

#2 I personally don't pay allot of attention to the reviews because they always find stupid things wrong with the bike that no one would ever care about or notice (i remember the KTM lost a few points because "the number plates are too small") That being said the CRF is a really popular bike around here, half the bikes that show up at track days are CRF's or CR's... And from experience i will tell you that they are the most amazing handling bike i have rode. I rode the 07 kawi and the power was good, the handling was good, and the bike felt ok. You could say its just cause im used to CRF's but If you like the kawis and you can get a better deal on one than the Honda i would jump on it, because they are both really fast bikes!

If your gonna buy a 2008 model get the crf450 but if you decide to buy the new fuel injected 2009 model go with the kx450f. I just did A LOT of research on the '08 and '09 450 class bikes since i was in the market for a new bike. And from everything i read on the net, asked tons of questions to people on here and other sites, if i had bought an '08 model i was getting the crf but since i wanted the new fuel injected '09 model the kx450f is the best choice for '09!

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