Another Broken Kickstart shaft

Im not complaning because this is the first time the YZ250 (05) has ever let me down, it started earler this week we planned a 2 day trip to nearest indoor track which is about 3 hours away, so a few days ago i spent the day coverting the yz from outdoor set up to my ax set-up (gearing, jetting, took off the gytr flywheel, stock exhaust over the pc) all finshed that,add some gas as it was being stored since first week of nov, starts 2nd kick warm it up for a few min, shut it off, it starts pouring gas all over the floor, so i pulled the carb cleaned and tried again same thing, so i pulled it again set the floats to about 6mm, same thing, repeat again to 7mm seemed good, i took it for a drive up and down the driveway ran fine,( i should note carb was cleaned and drained after last ride, as well as i ran maxima stablizer during the last ride) yestersay bike ran great started 1st kick when we arrived, worked really on the track i have the set-up dialed in for indoor i was really impressed the yz, this morning pull it out of the trailer 3 rd kick still hasnt started then on the 4th kick start shaft snaps and falls out, i have heard of this happening before but i thought it was more on 01-02. anyways it didnt seem to crack the case or anything but i was pretty up set about it at the time i was looking foward to riding it all night last night at the hotel, plus there 5 of us and were down to sharing 3 bikes (one guy didnt have a bike from the start waiting for his 09) but none of them were set-up and dialed like mine, as for the fix i guess i need a complete assembly as it appears thats the only way yamaha sells it, im not sure why it broke its stock bore, with a head cut safe for pump. only thing i can think, its always got a fresh motor i like to keep like that so it always got lots of compression might of been stressing it for awhile

Can u/did u still run them even if the kicker shaft breaks?

Can u/did u still run them even if the kicker shaft breaks?

if you have lots of places to bump start.

no i couldnt because it was the shaft it self not the starter, it broke in side and feel out, leaving an open space were the shaft should be for oil to escape and dirt to enter, and who knows in there is a few peaces broken down in there, ill have to take the case off clean it out and get new starter shaft assembly

Same thing happened to me on my briefly owned '03 except my clutch half case cracked and the woodruff key sheared. So, it could've been worse. Take it apart and get it cleaned up.

I now believe that this part simply wears over time. I now start my cold bike more strategically (i.e., prime the cylinder with a few slow half kicks, tipping the bike over sideways to get the new fuel to overflow, blip the throttle a few times, return the kicker to the top of the stroke and it always fires on the first kick now). Less kicking = a longer lasting kick shaft IMO. :busted:

ya im glad the cases are good just sucks i lost a day on the trip, i havent really heard of any other brands doing this i dont understan why the yz's do you would think something as simple as a kicks start system should be mastered and bullitproof by now

This seems to be an issue with the 02 on motor where Yamaha reduced the size of the shaft.

Anyone have a broken the thicker shaft on the 99-01???

I was going to swap over to the 02+ shaft and kick start but this issue has put me off it.

I have seen the 04 YZF 450 shafts snapped also.

Does this ever happen to the 125's?

Ive never seen nor heard of one breaking off an older model.

My 99's kicker/shaft seems as strong as ever!

wow at least my case doest look like that in the pic but my shaft looks almost exactly the same, i probably wont have time to get into until early next week, to see if there is anymore damage inside, i will update with a few pics when i get there

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