Show me pics of where you mounted your grip heater switch!

I am looking to for a good place to mount my heated grip switch, please post pics or let me know where you all mounted yours.


This is my dads bike. The PO mounted it on the top of the head light shroud (I don't know what he was thinking). So we filled the hole and mounted it in a less visible area.


I have an 06 and I put my switch in the hole just below the key, sorry no pics.

I can't post a picture but I mounted mine on the side of the headlight shroud, much like the blue bike above. Its not a switch that I use often[on winter/off summer] so I want it to be out of the way and safe. Ian

This is my first post so I hope the link to the photo works!

I made a sheet metal bracket and attached it to the right handlebar clamp. I kept catching the toggle switch and turning it on or off and I didn't like that. I bought a rocker switch to solve that problem. It's not waterproof so I need to figure out some kind of cover for rain.


THanks for the ideas guys, packman you got one big heater!

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