1988 yz125

Are these good bikes? Any major problems? Im thinking of buying one for $600. The guy claims there is nothing wrong and that he rode it all this past summer. Good deal or not?

i bought a 95 yz 125 for $800 with nothing really wrong. of course its 2 months later and it needs a piston and rings. but for a 125 you should be able to get in the 1990's for $600-1000. that just seems high for that old. there are alotta good deals on craigslist right now. don't get impatient and buy the first thing that comes along. you'll get stuck with a junker like i did with the husky.

and if he rode it all summer it probly is due for $120 worth of piston and rings (probly soon). you need to think of that when negotiating a price. i'd say if its a good bike and you like it try for $400-500....my 2 cents

Well he also said he would sell it with a 98 rm125 that needs a rear tire for $1400. Im goin to go see them in person tomorrow to see if they would be worth buying. I figure I will just clean them up and turn around and sell them or part them out if I decide to buy them.

Do you think I could make any more out of it if I parted the bike out?

i doubt it. its kinda an inbetween bike. too old and not old enough. i'm accually making a lot more off the husky 250 by parting it than selling it. but thats mainly cuz it was a rare couple years for husky and hard to find parts for. your best bet would be to clean it good make sure it runs tip top (maybe throw in some new rings and use old piston) and put it on craigslist for your profit price and just hold firm to that price some will eventually buy it. may take 2 weeks but o'well.

Theres a weak clutch and the 88' model is prone to bogging and starvation. Make sure the float level is set parallel to the float boal base.... Stiffer the clutch springs and better quality plates like barnett clutch kits, they will fix the slipping problem(it will happen sooner or later).Yamaha recomended drilling two oil holes of the inner clutch hub to keep the plates cooler.

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