gas in engine oil

Eddie, do you have any idea why gas would be getting into the engine oil on my 09 crf450? Thanks.

That would tell us that gas is leaking by the needle & seat, two common options;

1: You hauled the bike on trailer or back of a truck with the pet cock turned on, the rough ride bounced the bike enough to allow gas to go past the needle & seat, or

2: A piece of debris in the fuel got between the needle & seat, thus when the engine is not running gas drools thru the carb,

either way gas went into the combustion chamber and runs past the rings thus diluting the oil. If you have hauled the bike with pet cock on change the oil and consider it a learing experiance. This can damage the engine (cam bearing siezure) if run at hi RPM but I suspect if it has not siezed up your OK.

09 crf 450 is fuel injected dave.

to the op,oil smells like gas or has enough to physically make the oil level high?

The 09 crf450 is fuel injected, so it's not needle problem.

Both, smells like gas & has increased the volume.

the only way it is possible is if the injector is leaking when the motor is off.

I thought that to. Should be fixed next week, i'll let you know what the problen was.

What did you find out ?

I thought that to. Should be fixed next week, i'll let you know what the problen was.

mxchip, did you ever find out what the problem was with you bike? I am smelling gas in the oil as well on my '09. It has nine hours on it and I just took it into the dealer because the decomp. pin broke and I also told them about the gas in the oil.

Eddie, are you finding the gas smell in the oil of your new bikes? Could this be a leaky injector? I am sure confused. If so, should you change your oil after every ride because the gas will be eating the oil? Thanks.

nope,no issue on ours.

i talked to the OP in the phone.i belive hes having a oil transfer issue from the trans.not fuel.

the oil smelling like fuel isnt a big a by product of combustion.

Honda said they did'nt know what would cause the gas to be in the engine oil,so they told me to ride it. raced the bike last weekend without any problems. Also did not have any oil transfer from the trans to the engine side.

Dave-Eddie, My 07 250 is having this problem, Is it safe to assume the needle you are refering to is the main jet needle? Since I have noticed this I have been deligent to not haul with the pet cock open. So the dirty needle/seat would seem to be my problem. I guess I need to break the carb down?


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