rebuild help

i have a 98 cr250. everything spins great on the motor, i just put the top end on and its like the damn thing is stuck. could the power valve have anything to do with this? the little knotches on the top and bottom part of the powervalve are connected. im not sure what else to do here? any ideas?

When you say everything spins great on the engine, do you mean the bottom end without the cylinder and piston spins great? Do you mean, the entire engine with the cylinder and piston on spins great?

The engine seizes once you bolt the head on? i think its a tranny issue. it doesnt hit nuetral it just goes down one and up one. when i put the clutch on after that the motor dont move. man im really gonna hate havin to take this apart a 3rd time. before i put the clutch on the crank would rotate with ease using the kickstarter.

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