crf250 sluggish

i put a procircut ti 4 duals on and changed the main to 170 and a 45 leak and 42 leak and have the fuel screw out 2 turns. my bike doesnt really bog except when i snap the throttle but its a little slugish when i first take off the picks up and pulls the wheel up the front about a foot. how do i make it quicker taking off.

Sounds like what my bike was doing, how many hours have you had on your clutch components? If you havent changed them then look into getting some kinda of HD springs (dark synergy, pc, wmr) and some OE Honda Fiber discs and it should "pick" up the power earlier and not make the powerband feel sluggish.

that makes sense since i changed my trans fluid and it was dark grey. im going to glamis this weekend so ill change them next week

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