97 Xr600

So I have been searching around and figured I would ask here. I have been ordering a lot of parts for my bike so I can tweak on it over the winter. I am looking for front fork and disc cover (white). I found my fork boots no problem. I also need a new rear fender (white). Anyone know any good links for thses that will fit my bike?

Thanks In Advance

Chris Musgrave


Search for "fender" or "rear fender" in this forum, i believe theres 2 threads up right now pertinent to your situation...

I would check the Thumpertalk store and Xr's only. They should take care of all your plastic needs. If not, try Maier USA. Hey Creeky, i think you ment to put the bolt extractor info on my thread. Those look like just what the doctor ordered. that wasy i dont do damage to the cylinder. Thanks a lot

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