My $20.00 damper and other photo's

Last Winter I mounted this damper and it worked great all season. I see these dampers all the time on Ebay for $20.00 or less. The photo on the trailer in on the way to Deals Gap. The woods photo is Northern Michigan.

Nice job on the damper! :)

What kind of damper is that? Street bike? What is the Make/Model and what are the dimensions? Thanks!

It is a Suzuki TLR 1000 damper. The GSXR's are the same. When inexperienced riders started getting in trouble with the first TL's, Suzuki recalled them and installed these dampers. Then they put them on the rest of the sport bike line. First thing most riders do is take them off.

How is it mounted to the frame? Im very interested in giving that a try.

At the front of the steering neck is a chunk of aluminum sticking out. I tapped two holes into that lug and mounted a small stainless plate with a hole in it the same size as the damper mount. Put a bolt through both and there you are - OK that is a simplified version but the trick is you need to have the damper in your hand, the front of the bike exposed, and some fabricating experience. What I have found is that the damper works great and you get full lock to lock movement. You adjust the damping effect by changing the oil in the damper, I'm using 15 W.

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