Ballinger Canyon Maps?

Sorry to ask, but I've been looking around for a while and can only find directions TO ballinger (also helpful).

I've never been there and I'm thinking about going in the next week or two, but I would like to finda map (i like to see where I'm at so I start learning where I'm at and can have more fun), I was even able to find trail maps for pozo just not ballinger.

If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it :busted: didn't provide a map, just a key for the trails (lol kind of helpful I guess...)

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and what do you guys think of ballinger? I'm probly an intermediate rider but definitely gettin better

If there is a map it would be the local ranger who has it. The fact is it is a small area self contained to just do all the trails and you will always end up back at staging area. it is good for a day and not much more...thanks

There is a map I believe that is called "mount pinos ranger district" or something along those lines. It maps out the trails at Ballinger very well, along with the rest of the LPNF Trails. I got one from the money collectors at Gorman.

N6VMO thanks for the map it's greatly appreciated!

I saw a video of a supposedly wicked hill climb in Ballinger, said was about a 400 ft climb I'm hoping to do it when I go .

Now I just need to find a way to label trails (altho not an imperative thing)

Mudkipz137, my pleasure...

I frequent Ballinger Canyon and know the entire place pretty well. I know of no such legal hillclimb.

Send me a link of the video and please stick to the marked trails. If you ride through a downed fence, chances are good that it is not a legal trail.

The NFS would love to close this little jewel down and that would be a shame. The threads below display how passionate I am about the place...

Have fun, it is a great place to ride....:busted: Oh yeah, make sure you have a current Adventure Pass, the ranger will come around and check.

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