DRZ400E jetting help

Hey eddie,

need some suggestions for jetting on my bike please.

its a Australian 07 DRZ400E.

-coast enrichner disconnected and holes plugged

-snorkel out

-clean filter

-mostly at sea level but possible ride up to 2000m

-White Bros E series muffler fitted

-current jetting as follows

* main > 165

* pilotjet > 45

* pilot air jet > 65

* standard needle on 4th clip down

* zipty fuel/air screw on 1 3/4 turns out

seems to be running rich at the moment and has hesitation when you back

the throttle off.

Considering going to JD jet kit also.

many thanks for you assistance



160 main jet

stock dxp needle

5th clip

45 pilot jet

100 pilot air jet

2 turns fuel screw

it is way to rich at idle with the CE removed and proper pilot circuit changes.

Many thanks eddie,

Will give that a try..

One question, what do you mean by "sotkc dxp needle " .???


fixed typo.


many thanks again...

When i go to a JD kit what jetting do you recommend??


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