Throttle Stop on 09 wr250

just got my 09 wr250. :busted: I went on my first ride to break her in and broke my wrist now i'm in the middle of doing all my free mods one handed. Gray wire mode is already done but im hearing to take the throttle stop out on these newer models that the carb has to come out too?!?!? Can anyone shine some light on this for me please.

If you have access to a ball end allen wrench for use with a rachet, it can easily be done on bike. Otherwise, you may want to pull the muffler then the shock to get at it. Still not a big deal though it turns a five minute job into a half hour one.

Leave it @ stock 3/4 if you ride hard. Just did my this weekend and found I was on a wheeleeee most of the day.

I am moving mine back to 3/4 throtle

We did my 08 without removing the carb. I assume the 09's are the same. I am a new heavy rider, and not really good yet, but the additional throttle was a great mod for my bike.

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