What Triple Clamps to get for Scotts?

First question: What is the offset of the triple clamps on my '05 WR250?

I want to get new clamps that provide a clean mount for a Scotts steering damper but also have 2mm less offset and mount the handlebars 5mm or so farther forward of the steering stem.

Can you suggest some clamps that suit me? I think I want the damper to mount under the bar.


heres mine i ordered them straight from scotts ,got the top triple clamp and the dampner,then i added the pro tapers reed /henry bend. i just ordered the ones for my bike in my case 03 wr250f straight from scotts website catalog pages and they worked great ,because i got sub mount kit my bars are around 3 cm higher which i actually like, makes riding standing up easier,and the dampner is awsome,rode a friends bike without 1 the other day and thought his steering was broken lol:thumbsup: :busted:


Tell Scotts what you want, They are a little pricey. If you are six feet or taller you may want to look into a undermount, BRP makes them too. The most critical part about mounting the Scotts is that the center of the Scotts must be in the center of the steer tube. When you mount the Pin tower smear a little Red Loctite around the inside of the clamp that clamps the steering head.

Thanks, It looks like Scotts above the bar setup gives the option of moving the bar mounts forward of stock so I'll get those. Too expensive to get new upper and lower triple clamps just to reduce offset 2mm or so.

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