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My new bike ( Also Intro )

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Hey im new here i just got a new 2003 YZ250, i cant say enough good things about this bike it handles so good im absolutely in love with it, now if i could just learn to ride it... haha!

Basically heres the rundown... It was Arizona's Pro-Action's AMA Motocross bike for 2004, a rider named K. Peel rode it. ( cant find anything on him... )

Heres the run down of what i can see is done to the bike...

New tires

excel rims

oversized wave rotors

stainless lines

GYTR handles

Pro taper fat bars

Pro taper triple clamps

Factory Pro-action suspension for forks

Boost graphics kit

Factory pro-action suspension for rear shock

Vortec or something computer

Pro-action modded carb

VF3 reeds

Ported and polished cylinder w/ 285 kit, all wiseco crank and rod, Powervalve modified

EBC kevlar clutch

All Hinson clutch components

Pro-action works modified tranny ( holy **** smooth shifts )

Renthal Chain+sprockets

Fat pegs

Brake snake

FMF pipe+silencer

And a bunch of other little factory trade secrets that im finding every day.

Everything removed on the bike, i got in a duffle bag, came with a spare piston, reeds, 2 seat covers, 2 sets of plastic, triangle, stand, bars, clamp, Pipe, another graphics kit... everything.

Anything i should know about these bikes or this particular year in general? So far the only thing i know to watch out for is its faulty oil check screw. Thanks guys. Here she is...






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Yup there good, had to change my internet settings, you get any ride time yet?

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ive never even owned a bike, i traded my quadzilla for this. I rode it, and i had ridden other dirtbikes, but this thing is incredible. Power just everywhere, but i want to move the power up top more. Theres a punch in the mid and a punch at the top. But i dont like the mid punch so im gonna try and change the pipe to a DEP when i can.

Lemme tell you, this thing, you can let go of the handlebars and itll keep a line. Its amazing. Its got too much snap down low for me, its very difficult to adjust to the twist throttle too, but i still had so much fun riding it today for about 3 hours. Its gonna take a while, but ill get used to it... The ride is really plush too, and it HAULS ARSE.

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