New Supermini bike, which buy?


My daughter is watching for a new supermini bike.We are looking for an italian bike, and we find the TM 85 or 100?

some pics:



Someone know something about that?

Sweet! I've heard those are great bikes.

No matter where you live in this world, it all comes down to dealer support and parts availability. If she's a racer the supermini's are higher maintenance than normal 85's.

in italy there isn't a supermini class there is the Minicross Senior(12/16 years), it's the same like supermini but here you need a very well manteined bike when you do the italian champioschip not the regional

The TM is a great bike - a buddy from our club is a TM dealer here in Canada and he swears by them.

In Italy there should be no problem with dealers since the bike is made there and primarily sold there.

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