valve clearances

yeh i know another one lol

i checked my valves on staurday, i never checked them after run in(oops) and its now got 12 hours on it, the intakes were absolutely fine!!! yes!, however the exhausts were a little tight at 0.008, isnt a little bit tight on the exhausts good?

thanks, oh yeh and is it good i havent had to adjust them after run in? does it mean the wont go at 30 hours


You're .001 out of tolerance (.003 out of spec). If you think that's a big deal, shim it. If not, run it as is.

From what I've heard it's ok to have exhaust tighter. As long as they don't move anymore from there your ok.

its okay to have the exh. valves at .008", that is where I run mine.

Many are set tighter than spec right out of the crate, 9 is pretty common. I'd leave em


its okay to have the exh. valves at .008", that is where I run mine.

I run both my bike exhaust at .008 too! :busted:

just checked at 30 hours, still havent moved :) , i have been really strict with maintenance, i guess it does pay off, or am i speaking to early, any way there good for now:banana:

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