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Hi i stacked my bike over the weekend and ripped a big hole where my knee is.They were brand new Klim pants that i wore once.I am now going to buy knee pads but dont no what to do with the pants.Do you take them to an upholster or throw them out.I bought them from the states as u cant buy them here in Australia

Get heavy duty thread and sew them yourself. Very easy.

Pretty easy....find a tailor or sewing alteration shop in your area that has an industrial or walking foot sewing machine. When you call around, ask if they can fix heavy outerwear. Most every town has one, some are more accustomed to working with apparel than others.

The sewing places will do a better job than upholstery shops. If they do it correctly, they will open the finishing seam along the inside of the knee, replace the whole panel that you holed, and then close it back up.

Then, find about a half-meter of heavy nylon, something like 500 denier or higher. This will be harder, check places that make tactical gear.

But if you don't find a sewing shop, look for a place that can repair car or boat covers.

The only hard part is convincing them that it can be done. Most can work wonders with a wedding dress. It is really no different if they have the right machine, but they often seize up on this.


Also, make sure they use heavy POLYESTER thread.

If this does not work, search the net for a licensed Goretex repair facility in your country. They can do it.


Sweet thanks ill go down ther today

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