Show me,tell me about your... clamp,riser,bar bend.

I am not exactly a giant at 5'11'' 155/160 size 11 boot.

The cr hi has worked for me on every dirt bike i have ever owned. (cr/kx 500's,cr/rm/rmx 250's) Never cared for the straighter bar bends.

The stock bar was awful and the shift lever was not much better with my trusty old a/s boots. On went a cr hi and msr +1'' lever. Plonking along on sit down single track it was much better......But,with south Jersey sand,standing up is a big part of the program. At this point i just don't feel at all comfortable standing up. Something has to change. I have a set of pro pegs on the way.

More rise ? straighter bend to open it up a little ?

I ride in central and south NJ. I put on some enduro bars, cut them and rolled them up so they are taller. The DRZ is not a 250 and never will be, and for matter its not any 2 stoke. I felt a little strange standing up on it at first too but I got used to it.

I did the same thing with the shifter too... Boots just would not get it with stock.

You can get bar risers if you feel you need them but I would hold off on them if you can....

I'm 6' 0" and I hated the stock bar setup. I couldn't stand up and ride(and I have pretty long arms). I went with a set of Renthal CR-HI bend SE bars. That was a big help, but it still seemed like I could use a little more height, so I ordered a set of 1" risers(I just ordered a set of Zeta's from Forrest). This setup seems about perfect for me.

Not the best pic to show the bars and risers, but the best I have on short notice.



I think the Zeta clamp with TAG oversize bars looks nice.

But then I would!

i have an applied top clamp that i got from motosport with a protaper pastrana fmx bend/ atv race bend bar that moved the bars forward about 3/4 inch and 2" up. i am 6'1" and this set up made a world of difference in all of the stand up situations, with much better control. you do have to remount your blinkers, key, and front brake line guide, but it was worth it to me. hope this helps

I also went the Pastrana bend Pro-tapers as it was the highest bar I could find. I put them on standard bar risers and it seems alot more comfortable than the stock crap. I also have them a far way forward as I am 6'4". :busted:

Thanks everyone. I did roll the bars up slightly,will give that a try first.

Kind of spendy,but one of those adjustable top clamps may be the answer.

Slightly forward and taller mounts,with a cr low (more sweep) would be nice to try.

Note: Moose specs the cr low at 2.7 inch sweep,other brands spec 2.2 to 2.3 (57)

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