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hi guys n gals - im uk brethren

Having lurked on the site for a few months i recently took delivery of a k7drz400sm 1900 miles very shiny....but very stock

obviously some modification would void my factory warranty (bugger) which i have 18 months left of - i am still juggling that issue with my desire to be a hooligan!!!.. probably only one winner there

however!!!! assuming i had in my posession afull yoshi rs2 - had chopped the required 3x3 - and had a JD jet kit - what would be the best settings to use.

the UK is at best described as bloody cold - 0 degrees to about 25 ..and i live not far above sea level.... one further thing i do not at present have the long fuel screw so could someone gimme the settings for use both with or without that item...as i may or may not get it as drilling holes in the carb is not something one can instantly cover up!

im sorry if this is covered somewhere else - but i cant bloody find it

many thanks and happy new year to u all


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