Less Light= More Ground

Does anyone know of an on/off switch for the front headlight? I've noticed people can see me coming before they can here me in places I don't want them to see me, so any help would be appreciated!

Should be easy to install one but in some countries to be legal the lights are to be on all the time, in the UK the switch unit on the left bar allows you to turn all lights off.:busted:


The EU version of your bike has the switch I, so if you want the "factory" look see if you can find a way to get one of them. If not, you can make do with just about any switch inline with either the power or ground to the headlight.

Purchased from Hall's Cycle a couple years ago Husky switch P/N 800099625, think it cost about 80 bucks, had it on my 06 TE and moved it to my 08 TE, works great for the very reason you stated.

I re-routed my wire so I can unplug the headlight, did it with the tail light too. Not as easy as a switch but only takes a second to do.

I used this on my 2 stroke, I don't see why it wouldn't work by just running the hot wire through an on/off switch. 7-4013.jpg

Thanks for the ideas guys! Looks like I have a nice winter project! I am a Husky guy and I love riding in the sand. I will definately pm you later!

Sicass Racing has a sweet bar switch for head, turns and horn, with an off for lights and its narrow enuf to allow proper lever adjustment with the left side!!! Someone else sells the same switch, either are good quality.

Is the S.A.R. switch good for a Husky? I only saw that switch for a KTM!

It isn't a matching plug, just wire it in the harness, 15 min job.

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