Looking youth ATV brake lever extenders

I have been searching for brake lever extenders for my son's atv. The levers are just too far away for him to squeeze without losing grip. I had heard of adapters to add to the levers but I acn't seem to find them online..

Any ideas??


I'm not sure, but maybe you can find something similar to the ASV levers in a mini size. That or try to bend them in a little for him.

I thought about bending them buy didn't know how the alluminum would react to cold bending or heated bending...

It's a chinese atv and am a little affraid of breaking the lever and having a hard time getting replacements.

Go to your local bike shop and order brake levers for children's brand name bikes like "Specialized". They work great. They also have a lever adjustment on them. You shouldn't have to spend more than $24 bucks for two of them.

Or call Oset motorcycles and order them fro them. I put them on my son's Oset. It was night and day difference, he could actually use the levers.


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