05 motor in a 08 frame

Hi Folks.....

Have been offered a fully rebuilt 05 engine, was just wondering will it fit into my08 frame?

Will the exhaust and intake system still fit and will I have to change CDI and loom.

Any help would be greatfully received.



Should just bolt right in.

Should just bolt right in.

:busted: I know for sure an '07 motor will go in an '05 frame:ride:

Cheers folks,

What about the exhaust and carb, straight on no messing?

This will be my spare engine, so don't really want to have to have different zorts and intake system if I can help it.

Thanks again.


Theres no gear position sensor on the 05, so you'll always be running on the 3rd to 5th gear map, unless you ground one of the wires in the plug, then you'll run on that wires map. Also I think the alternator stator assy. is diffrent and might have a diffrent harness plug.

Also, the carb will be slightly closer to the airboot because the motor was rotated forward 5mm from '06+ so the '05 will sit up a little higher. According to the tech info at the time, this was accomplished by recasting the cases. Might require '05 head stays also.

If it does not fit for you, I could use that engine!!! Let me know...seriously!

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