Size of tire for crf230L

Can anyone suggest a good all-around tire for my 08" crf230L. Currently using the maxxis 6006 120/80/18. Great tire for pavement, but really doesn't handle well in the woods. Even at lower pressure, the tire isn't hooking up. Mainly need to know what is the max size of tire I can run on my 230. Would a 120/90/18 be pushing it? I was even thinking of a 120/100/18? Any suggestions out there would be a great help! Happy Trails!

Some guys are running the Dunlop 606, which I believe is a 120/90/18. Some say it just barely fits, some say it rubs near the shock. So I guess an extra link or two of chain would fix that.

I've decided to stick with the stock chain and tire size, and make the gearing taller by adding an extra sprocket tooth up front.

how do the maxis 6006s compare to the stockers?

I'm running Pirelli MT21's in the stock size. They are actually slightly larger than stock, as sizing does vary a bit by brand. The fit and traction is excellent. They ride great on and off road.

Dunlop 606 fits, but is without question the largest tire that will unless mods are done. Mine does not rub the frame or anything metal, but will on rare occasion rub the plastic mud shield in front of the tire on the very edges. Never noticed it and it's certainly not a deal breaker for the outstanding performance I get in exchange! Adding a single link would solve that 100%

My D606s are great, except it did rub the mudflap for the rear tire. I put a smaller front sprocket on (12) and allowed me to pull the wheel back enough.

So now it is geared a little lower, but I really can't tell the difference.

I'm due to get a small rear socket too, to balance this out, but I don't think I need it.

120/90 on the rear.

I run Kenda K761's on my CRF230L and love them. They are an 80/20 tire, more for onroad. 120-80-18 rear and 90-90-21 front.

Kenda K270 , Probably the 510X18 size if it will fit. I used to race with this tire on my XR250 in the ISDE qualifiers. Works pretty good.


You didn't mention your mix of pavement / dirt, but I'll step up anyway and suggest the Michelin AC-10. DOT legal, but VERY capable off-road. has them on sale right now, with free shipping. I think these have been discontinued, so if you like them you may not be able to get more!


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