OT : Whats in a name?

Just curious but whats with some of the sign in names that we get here at TT. I get some of them cos they are obvious but some are.. well weird i guess?

Maybe some of you care to enlighten us?

Mine is dirtdynamics cos i read in an old MXA magazine on a company that did a CR500 and built it works. The company is called dirtdynamics. Not sure if they are still around but i started using that name cos it sounds nice and the CR500 they built was kick ass..

r1-superstar-"r1 (pronounced: ar-one)" because I ride a Yamaha R1 and have owned two of them. "superstar"-to sum it up, I'm good at almost anything I do, and I'm good looking. :)

j/k, it's a nickname my friends gave me back in Hawaii "Superstar" because of the way I dressed and carried myself.

When I signed up to TT as a new member I had just started riding Japanese dirt bikes again since the late 70's. For the past 20 years everybody knew me as the Husky rider.

2 of my bikes are now gone and before we move into the new house Mama wants all my old bikes gone. Its possible I wont be a Husky rider anymore unless I put my foot down and keep just one, or two, or... LOL guess I'm dreaming.

Trying to pick one to keep is like asking which is your favorite child. All my kids and all my bikes are my favorites and I don't want to give up anything!

When I signed up to TT as a new member I had just started riding Japanese dirt bikes again since the late 70's. For the past 20 years everybody knew me as the Husky rider.

You do mean Japanese bikes right? Just so you know, some people take offense to the word you typed. :)

Re: OT : Whats in a name

What does "OT" means? :)

Im a Faker.........Great Band too. :)

Fugazi great band! Superbike was laid on me a few years ago. Some of my dirt bike buddy's seen me pull in on my YZF 600. They laughed and said Superbike Mike! Well my last name is not the easiest for a lot of people at first sight. They would say who is going riding this weekend? Mike who? Bob would say Superbike. I hated it at first but there are a lot worse nick names out there. Now I have sold the street stuff as I tend to wick it a bit hard. The wife suggested I keep it in the dirt as it is where my heart is and trees are safer than cars. They still pull out in front of you though! ---- Mike

Mine was given to me back in 1980-81.

I was riding a YZ 465 at the time.

There was a large jump at our local track that would

shoot you straight up in the air.You had to land on flat

ground.Well my 465 (as I was told) would make a Bam noise when I landed.So they started calling me Bamster.

Dumb eh?

After several TTer's tried to figure out what "Blackie" meant (some thought there was a racial connotation), I enclosed a description in my signature. When I signed up at TT, our family cat was sitting next to me, and the rest is history.


Just look where I live and that should say it all.

I'm just south of International Falls, the Falls which incidentally hasn't had "Falls" for a very long time is right on the Canadian border.

Contrary to popular belief, the first thing I hear when I enter a chat room is "Deliver any milk today?"

Well, actually I got the nickname "milkman" from my previous job. To make a long story short, I used to "milk" my work so I could look just busy enough to get by but not to busy to be overproductive. So they called me "THE MILKMAN"

I just stuck MO before it since Im located in Missouri.

What does "OT" means?

I believe it stands for "Off Topic".

Cool, thanks for the enlightenment! :)

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