Purchasing Jets

Where are you guys buying jets for your bikes? I went to two local dealers and niether one even knew what a Leak Jet was. I had to show them. I've got the main and pilot jets but can't find anyplace to get the 40 and 50 leak jets. Also don't want to buy 4 of them, only one.

i ordered most of mine from sudco. they require a $15 minimum order, but i had more than just leak jets. i'd give them a call and see what they can do for you.

Have the parts monkey look at the fiche for a YZ, they are there. Also, the part numbers are in the FAQs.

COVROD....I know of several dealers here in Denver that have leak jets and actually know what they are. If you are somewhere in this area you can get them from Vickery Motorsports to start with. Grandprix should also have them.

I was at Grand Prix on Fri. The guy in parts had no idea what I was talking about. Had to show him. I'll call Vickery in the morning. Thanks.

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