Track Building

Are there any good websites that can give tips on building a track ie how steep are jumps etc.?

you can use physics...

we learned about the whole "if a kid on a bicycle is going 10 m/s off of a ramp that is 10 degrees, how far will he go?" thing. I could help. pm me if you want.

When building tracks/jumps we have always just used the guinea pig method. If a jump for us, we just get the loader and go bigger and bigger until we think it is enough. If it is for the race track, we let some of the guys know and have the racers out there to test as we build. This way we can build to suit certain riders (do we want it for everyone, or should just experts be able to clear it?). Usually if an intermediate rider struggles a little to do it at first for us it is a go.

The most fun jump section we built on our track was a number of years ago. It was setup so that the only way you could do it was if you were in the 250 Pro class or had a 500 between your legs (this was before the YZ400 came around). Otherwise there wasn't enough run for a 125 (or a slower rider on a 250) to clear the 120 feet from lip to lip. We did however have a hump at the 80 foot mark for those that couldn't make it all the way!

Google dirt wurks and look at there track building tips

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