removable end cap??

This may sound pretty stupid but I just bought a sunline aluminum throttle tube and I cannot get the removable end cap off. I've tried twisting it and it obvisouly doesn't screw off. When i tryed prying it off it just started scatching and dinging it up. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to get it off without ruining it?

I put mine in a vice lengthwise and tap it out with an old axle I have in my toolbox. But don't crank down too tight or you will distort the tube. I wrap in a shop rag to help avoid damaging the tube. If they are really stubborn to remove, I just break out the drill and the dremel and just do it old school.

That sounds like what i would do. Put it in the vise and use a bit of elbow grease and a prying tool or two. If all else fails do as you would do with a normal plastic one and just cut it.

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