09 pipe on 08 YZ250f

The head pipe on my 2008 YZ250f has a crack about an inch long. I'm either going to replace it with a stock pipe and muffler off of a 2009 or buy an FMF powerbomb or megabomb. My first question is will the 2009 stock exhaust fit a 2008 bike? My second question is will the powerbomb or megabomb be a big improvement over a stock system?

It definately fits. We just got an 09 WR250f and put an 08 YZ250f stock header and muffler on it and ran it for the weekend.

i personally think the FMF stuff is made well and makes a good improvement, I have owned alot of bikes that we went with FMF on.

That said, nothing is wrong with the Stock stuff, when have you ever gone all day at 10,000 rpm ????? (needing extra power?)

For me it comes down to: race Bike FMF, my trail bike (that I occasionaly enduro) Stock YZ ......

yes the powerbomb will give you a tiny bit of power and the megaboomb will give you quite a bit more bottom end and mid. which yammies are known to be lacking

Yes and Yes.

You should be able to pick up a used Power Bomb on Ebay

The only thing I didn't like about the PB was it burned my riding pants.

It should have a heat shield.

Note: The 09 pipe is different from the 08.... it mite still fit though

It fits

Thanks for the help. One of my riding buddies has a head pipe that he took off his 08 that I'm going to get. By the way has anyone heard of head pipes cracking for no apparent reason?

Yes i have, if your a tad lean the pipe gets REALLY HOT, and then the weather cools off some and your WAY LEAN, Exhaust temps can be 1,300 1,400 and the bike still seems okay, the Pipe can be hotter than the piston, since the 90 degree bend SOAKS up the heat.

Get the pipe hot enough, then cool it fast enough like a creek crossing, or put a "bind " on it.

I have also seen one grow a nice HOLE in it.

The 2009 header was lenghtened 45 or 50mm which is what the fmf does by expanding the pipe.

Fmf offers the same pipe for 06-09,so I think the 09 yz pipe would give the same performance.

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