Service Manuals or How to replace brakes

Rather than pay to have a shop replace all of the brakes on the mryiad of machines we have, I am looking for technical assistance on how to replace the brakes on my machines. I guess I am a little intimadated by the brake fluid bleeding part versus the actual brake pad replacement. Is there anything on this forum for this or do you recommend any good manuals to help me work through this. I am getting better as a "wrench" but have never done this part before. Thanks,

as for replacing the brake pads and servicing them. The easiest way is to remove your front wheel. And the on the outward side of the brake caliper (the thing where the pads are in *just incase the terminology is new). A pin that slides through the tops of the pads... u can see it when lookin straight onto the brake pad area... follow that to the outward side of the caliper and u should see either a flathead screwdriver cap or an allen key bolt, or maybe an 8mm bolt. What this is is the brake pin. It holds in the pads. Remove the pin and the pads will fall out. Inspect the pin for wear (ensure there's no dips in it). Put the new pads in and insert the pin..

As for bleedin the brakes. you'll need an 8mm wrench. Take off the nipple boot (its a little black boot on the caliper which covers the bleed nipple. Slide some clear tubing onto the nipple (I can't remember the size atm.) Remove your master cylinder cover. Have someone watch the brake fluid level and get them to squeeze the lever at ur demand.

1) Squeeze the lever

2) Open the brake nipple so that the brake fluid flows through the tube into a container

3) Close the nipple, release the lever AFTER its closed

4) Continuing this will make the brake fluid level in the master cylinder decrease. So the person in control of the brake fluid and lever has to continuoussly fill the master cylinder. If continuous filling isnt done, you will develop air bubbles in the system.

5) Repeat these steps until you see brighter yellow fluid coming through the tube (new fluid)

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