Hi guys, sorry this has probably been asked thousands of times before!

Im going out tomorrow and will be riding for the first time in sand. It wont be very fine or light sand but I was just wondering what sort of tyre pressures i should be running?

In Psi please just to make things a little easier!

Thanks for any help!!

Standered knobby...ummm I wouls guess 6-10psi

I used to run 5 or 6 out in the dunes.

I would recomend to throw a paddle on :busted:

depends if there are rocks and tree roots also or is it like a sand dune?

Make sure the air filter is sealed well and have fun. I run 14lbs. no matter what. Our sand is sometimes about skid plate deep, feather the throttle a bit so you don't ring that 2t out too badly. Momentum is your friend and you don't need much braking.

I run 15 front n rear in the desert here in CA, no traction anyway and I never get a flat, works for me.

depends if there are rocks and tree roots also or is it like a sand dune?

Yeh it had rocks and tree roots! I ran 15 in the end to lessen the chance of a puncture as i did not want to risk ruining the day!

One of the best days riding ive ever had and improved incredibly during the day, especially on the steep climbs.

The only down side is that Dad looped his bike at the top of a very steep hill and has twisted his knee and ankle quite badly. It is very swollen now but is not too bad and he was able to drive home although if it wasn't an auto it would have been hugely difficult, perhaps impossible.

Never mind tho, he should be fine soon!

Thanks for all your help!

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