Fractured Fibula

Yesterday, my front wheel washed out in an uphill, off chamber turn. The handlebar hit me in the knee as I fell. I knew immediately that something wasn't feeling quite right. I couldn't put much weight on my left leg.

Someone helped me get my bike upright, and I decided to try to get the bike started and ride it out of the woods. I tried to put my weight on the handlebars when I worked the kick-starter. As I forced my right leg down, my lower left legwent out further to the left at the knee and I heard a snap. The other rider with me heard it as well. He started my bike, and I slowly made my way back to the truck in first gear.

At the emergency room, the physician's assistant told me that a small piece of my fibula had fractured very close to my knee. I currently have my knee immobilized until I see an Orthopedic professional later this week.

Does anyone have any input?

My x-rays:




Wrong diagnosis.

That is a Segund fracture which is an avulsion of the lateral midcapsular ligaments and is 100% diagnositc for a torn ACL.

No MRI is necessary. You need to start prehab and start reading about ACL work so you don't make bad decision that will impact the rest of your life.

I have an appointment with an orthopedic specialist scheduled for tomorrow. I am currently reading through the ACL injury information on the Sanders Clinic website. If the doctor identifies my injury as you have, what type of things should I be wary of regarding my recovery? I realize that may be a very broad question, and perhaps I'll discover that information within the pages of the Sanders Clinic website.

I do not race for a living or to make money. However, I try to ride or compete once a week. I really would rather not have any residual side effects if I can eliminate and/or limit them.

Dr. Mark, thanks so much for your earlier input. I am at least armed with some information with which to make a semi informed decision regarding my recovery.

If you want to continue an active lifestyle, you need to have an ACL replacement.

The diagnosis is 100% certain form that X-ray. I would bet my life on it.

Since you need to have an ACL reconstruction done, come visit me for four days. I also have 100% certainty that we have the best approach for ACL reconstruction available, that weill enable you to walk without crutches the day of surgery, back to work in one week, and back to racing in three months, with a graft failure rate of less than 5%.

Everything is on my website. If you want to call me personally, me cell is listed below.

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