What year is my old YZ80?

Hey guys, these are some pics of my old YZ80 Which I sold about 9 Months ago for $800. I didnt know anything about bikes at the time and didnt ever know what year of manufacture the bike was.. All I knew was to ride it around a bit :busted: I'm curious to know the year of manufacture now..

Front Right Side :


Front Left Side :



Engine From The Left Side :


Engine From The Right Side :


Stock Exhaust :


Frame Number :


Any Idea?



I have no idea, this is just a guess, 93 or 94???

Hehe.. I have no idea too lol

93-95 were purple and white. I don't think they were blue till 97 or 98. The YZ80 was the same from 93-01. The only changes were color.

98 or 99 due to the black radiators.

kymx racer i think is right on the money here

Im 99.9% sure it is a 1999, my reasoning is the 1998 has the work YAMAHA on the seat and the 1999 does not. Just like yours. I am just assuming that it is the stock seat because that helped identify it.

definetly late 90's

my guess


i had a 2001 yz80 looked like that just in better shape.

98 or 99 due to the black radiators.

times two. I dont know minis but that would be with big bikes. I think...

i think 1998 and it looks like a big wheel?

I had a 99 and the front number plate wasn't white, it looks really good if they put the background on themselves though.

going by the graphics its either a 98 or 99. i had a 2000 and the graphics were different.

Oh ok.. I dont know why but I had the idea like it was the late 80's lol.. Thanks alot for the info guys :busted: I really appreciate it!

get the 10th diget of the VIN........

1996- T

1997- V

1998- W

1999- X


2001- 1

you get the idea....

I was under the impression that that was only for US Spec Bikes?

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