These Girls Ride !!!!!!!

:moon: They arent flat either.:busted::p
:busted::moon: damn

They look very friendly. :busted: I would be their friend! :moon:

boys :busted:

:busted::moon: is all I have to say

I like to ride with them and My girl friend just said she would like too also!!

id like to ride the...........errrr ride with them.

I have to see proof of these girls riding, there's just NO WAY!!


Holy s#it those chick ride :busted:

Nice bike! Honda of course!

they should have showed some track clips with the video so we had proof that they really race.

Bam !!!!!!!!!!

i wish i knew some girls like that, then i wouldn't have to spend/waste my time at clubs and bars go to the track twice as much:banana:

yeah, i'm calling BS on the deal until i see the track video.

Oh My god those girls are so hott...PLZZZZZZ....Guys there on the freakin internet trying to make a name for themselves..Like they give two shits about dirt bikes..Let alone washing them..Honestly I would rather watch a good riding video.


Nice bike! Honda of course!

i didnt even see a bike in there:lol:

yea there my girlfriends, so what:cool:

so hot and erin defently dose ride i have seen her ride my self back when they had a womens class in the australian motocross championships she rode for jeam beam racing team

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