what kind of range are you getting from stock DR650 tank?

Hey folks;

I bought a new DR 650. While I was babying it during the first 600 miles I was seeing 130 miles before hitting reserve.

When I did the 600 mile oil change and valve check I mod'd the carb - drilled the slide, shimmed the needle, turned the idle mixture screw out 2.5 turns. The bike runs better, no longer surging at constant throttle. I was hitting reserve around 115 miles, but figured it was worth it.

Well now that I've got about 1200 miles on the bike I've been goosing it pretty good now and then, and riding faster. This morning I had to hit reserve at 106 miles! To be fair, this last tank was mostly racing around town, stop light to stop light. But still.

I haven't figured out precise mileage, but is this reasonable? Or do I need to look into something? What kind of range do y'all get out of your stock tanks?

Thanks. DanO

yep, get used to it - topped ALL the way at 100 miles I start looking for a gas station - WITH reserve maybe another 10 -15 miles ????

Reserve at 225 to 230 kms (140 miles), reserve is good for another 60 kms (35 miles) or so. Stock setup except for air screw tweak.

Highway, backroads, luggage or just lunch. Doesn't seem to matter. Maybe the Canuck version is special :busted:

i have a 04 with a mikuni 40. main jet is 135 and pilot screw is 2 2/3's out. stock exhaust. Jesse airbox mod. K&N leaf catcher. there is decent power but a flat spot at more than half throttle. i could probably solve this with a 140 main jet but i like the fuel economy.

consistently get 127-130 miles before hitting reserve. with the exception of passing i ride pretty mild. 95% street riding.

that would be 49-50 MPG:thumbsup: i use 92 octane.

Thanks for your personal experiences so far. Seems like range can certainly vary according to state of tune and riding style.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I'm riding a California bike. And if I understand correctly, the tanks volume is diminished a bit because there is some smog equipment in there. Anyone from California?


I never get to 100 miles before hitting reserve.

I'd say between 87- 98

BUT I thrash it everywhere I go!

Stock, for now 08, hit reserve at about 130 to 135.

It does surge a bit at a constant throtle, need to make that go away.

Don't Panic


Stock '06 - never less than 130, never more than 136 miles before reserve.

hard trail use with a bit of road (trail to trail) use and I get maybe 75+ miles.

I think I calculated it and it was like 35mpg.

If I keep the bike, a new tank will be needed for sure. I have all the mods done, btw; slide, box, etc.

'06 650, by the way.

And, I'm pretty heavy on the throttle.

`07 with 39FCR, aibox mod, gutted stock muffler. Thrashed on the gravel roads and ridden like a hooligan around town, I get between 160 and 200Kms before I hit reserve. Also have a tyre problem, I can`t get more than 1400kms out of a rear tyre. Damn MXROB and his carb conversion.

Also have a tyre problem, I can`t get more than 1400kms out of a rear tyre

Get a set of metzeler tourance tyres. They are pretty expensive they set me back about $300AUD for a set but they still come ahead in value for money. Very good grip in every condition and I think I have about 3000k's on the rear and its about 20-25% worn. If anyones hard on the throttle its me. I'm expecting about 8k-10k from the rear and 15-20k from the front

edit: and oh my mileage hovers around 30mpg in city riding, hard on the acceleration and upshift at high revs usually going straight from 1st-3rd when I hit 60kph

touring style I get roughly 200km from a tank with about 1L left, maybe 170 before reserve which is 9L (not the stated 10) so ~

18.88800 (kilometers / l) = 44.4273305 miles per gallon

right coast bike, I hit reserve right around 120 miles. It takes 2.2-2.4 gallons so that is 48-50 MPG. Thats riding side roads, open road cruising it gets 55 or better MPG. Settings below in sig

Stock, for now 08, hit reserve at about 130 to 135.

It does surge a bit at a constant throtle, need to make that go away.

Don't Panic


As an aside; Mine surged really bad... like it was starving for gas, and I guess it was, since it was running so lean. Anyway, the basic carb mod - shimmed needle, drilled slide, idle mix screw turned out - makes it run like a champ. Well, it does still pop on decel', just not as much.


My 5 gallon IMS is THE BEST mod. With my MT40 I get 40 to 50 mpg depending.

With my completely stock 2008 model, I start looking for a gas station at about 120 miles.

My 5 gallon IMS is THE BEST mod. With my MT40 I get 40 to 50 mpg depending.

What's a MT40? Do you mean TM40 (Mikuni flat-slide carb)? :busted:

200k on the highway hit reserve at around 180 or so

but when hitting it hard on the trails that drops to 140 or 150....

39 mm FCR mx carb,supertrapp,air box mod,,,,and so on

I am happy with those numbers

About 110-115 miles in town. I'm usually WFO up through the gears. I got just over 46 mph the last tank. I'm hoping this tank will be better as I took a long ride at a pretty steady clip today.

09 Cali bike with all normal kentech carb mods-yesterday 13 miles up on mountain road 112 out of Porterville I ran out of gas on the main tank. This was my first time runnin out on this bike. I hit the reserve and it got me home with fuel left in the tank.

I am getting about 40 mpg out of it when I am just riding.

But when you hit reserve and realize that you have to streach it get home your throttle hand can get very conservitive. I am sure that with all of the mods that we do on the bikes that the mpg will very between 35 and 50 mpg just depending on your riding style.

130 kms on the trip meter and I look for a pump, and put in 9-10 litres.

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