Dead battery?

Well after two years the stock battery may have died. The reason I say may have is that I haven't ridden since August due to broken wrist. Anyways I started the bike almost every week and let idle for a few minutes, sometimes taking a short putt down the street. So should I replace the stock battery on my 07 WR 450 or just take it on a good ride and see if the battery will charge? I have no way of checking the voltage on the battery and it fires up on the second or third kick so that's not a problem.

If I do replace the battery wondering what kind to get? Aftermarket for sure! Do not want to pay the $$$$ for a stock battery! Has anyone tried the E-batteries? Suppose to be lighter than stock, but do they charge of off the bike or do you need a battery tender? Thanks for the help!!

easiest way to explain it, is 30 min per start to charge

battery tenders are EXCELLENT. but my 05 is still on the original battery

if it drops below 10.5-11v its toast.

i would suggest a factory battery

the battery tender is a must for these bikes. i've used one for years, and they're great.

i haven't had any experience with aftermarket batteries, but the stockers are good.

maybe someone else here can chime in on aftermarket batteries.

I have an older nicad Ebatt and it has served me well. It charges straight off my stock system. On some of the older bikes you had to disconnect the charge system.

Now Ebatt only sells a Lithium system that hooks up to your stock charging system. Only weighs 12oz :moon:

That's a 4lb weight loss from a high area. The lithium is supposed to have even stronger cranking power than my Nicad whichs blows the stock battery :busted:

I'm kinda jonesing for my current Ebatt to die so I can upgrade to the new Lithium and lose another 1-1.5 lb's :p

E-batt? In my opinion the guy is a complete flake! I paid him up front for a lithium battery that he stated would be out in November. He then posted on his website that the battery would be shipping December 19th. He now says January 5th.


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