Need New SwingArm... where to buy? 01 cr125

Ive broken off bolts into the swingarm on my 01 cr125. ive tried drilling them out and rethreading but it just keeps getting worse and worse. All i need to know is where to get a cheap swingarm. I looked at a few OEM stores online and they are trying to charge 500$!!! They have one on ebay for 02-08 for 120$ so i know i can get it cheaper than 500. Any ideas anyone?

what bolts are you talking about

the chain tensioner bolts. both sides are broken off and there is an ez-out and a tap broken off in the left side as well.

woah... for me when i broke off 1 of my chain adjusters in my 01 cr125, i took the hole swinger to a machine shop they tinkered with it like 2 minutes and gave it back to me recommending a shop with a EDM machine.

came back few hours, 30 bucks and good as new, threads in perfect condition and bolt completely gone.

im sure they could help you out and possible save the threads, its worth a try just call some places.

im prety sure my threads are wasted. I tried to rethread it and the tap broke off. I've called around the machine shops in my area and none of them have a EDS machine. anyone else know of a place that does around roswell GA?

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