What should I do next?

I'm wondering what I should do next to my SM?

I have the following:


3x3 with bmc filter

Full yosh RS-2

I was thinking about cams and putting the E gasket to bump up the compression a little.

thoughts on this would be appreciated :busted:


Case savers and a manual cam chain tensioner perhaps. Stainless brake lines if you haven't already.

I know almost EVERYONE will disagree with me but,.......

I think you should RIDE IT MORE!

If you're considering doing cams and pulling the top end to install a thinner base gasket, it would be the perfect time to do a 94mm big bore kit.

It's easy to do, and if you're looking for more power out of your DR-Z400SM (like I was before I even rode it :moon: ), it would be a crying shame not to do it.

To me, it would be like setting out to make the best submarine sandwich on the face of the Earth, but leaving off the bread.

I did the 3X3, FCR39, Stage 1 Hotcams, 94mm big bore kit, and a complete FMF exhaust and my bike feels like it grew fangs compared to the mild stocker. :busted:

Your bike is pretty sweet already. Id say the same, MCCT and Case savers and then just enjoy it for awhile.

How about painting garage floor with a bright white epoxy coating? Makes it look like your bike is always on the showroom floor. IDK, just a suggestion.

I was thinking about the yoshi exhaust . Did it make a lot of difference in power and is it much lighter than the stock pipe?

94mm big bore,and hotcams.

Don't pull the jug just to install the base gasket... it really isn't worth the extra work.

94 mm big bore ,oversize valves,hotcams or better(rhc), head ported by eddie, and to top it : fcr mx 41:thumbsup:

That's what needed to know.

I'll keep it the way it is for now. It has 2400 miles on it, I'll wait to rebuild it with a 94mm big bore,and hotcams.

I guess I'm going to Denver next spring :busted:

i do that set up while you wait basically.


I guessing with that set up I'll be around hi 48-50hp?


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