Tracks around Wilmington NC

Me and a few friends are going down to NC to ride in the begining of march and are staying in a beach house in wilmington NC. Im just looking to see what there are for tracks down there. Any info is a help. Thanks!

correct me if i am wrong but i believe myrtle beach mx is closed, that is all i know thats around there. When i was going to pick up my bike in wilmington along 17 or 421 i forgot there seemed to be tons and tons of sand trails, probably not legal to ride but idk.

Have any of you guys heard of or been to Trazack Motosports. Its in wilmington.

I guess its a supercross type track. Any one have any info on that?

bump. anybody?

Trazack is closed. The others listed above are open. Crystal Coast is very nice but the other two are closer to Wilmington. CC is well worth the drive though.

Cape Fear MX Park has a track but not much of one. They have a lot of trails to ride. I would say half dirt and mud and the other half sand.:busted:

Cape Fear ATV & MX ( Elizabethtown NC) has some real nice trails and a practice track, nothing real serious. There is another park Bigwoods ATV park between Wilmington & North Myrtle Beach. Bigwoods is into the atv mud riding but they do have a mx track. I have never been on the track but from what I saw from the website ( the place is low & muddy so my guess is its wet too. It is over 3000 acres though so it should have plenty of trails to ride. As for myself, give me high sandy ground anyday.

Myrtle Beach MX is supposed to have a race Jan 25th 2009, part of JMX Carolina Extreme Series, does anyone know if this is correct?

Im looking more for mx tracks than trails. Im bringing my 450 and my pitbike and my buddy is bringing just a pitbike so it pretty much has to be a track. no muddy trails

Crystal Coast MX:ride:

Yea we are definitely gonna hit up crystal coast. WEll probably go to crystal coast mx, halfmoon, and jacksonville mx.

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