Indiana Hare Scrambles

So my daughter wants to race and I have committed to racing with her. Something for us to do together and the place to start seems to be HS. I have never raced but the HS series here in Indiana does look like fun. Any hints or tips? :busted: Also need to get some tires. Any recommendations for the conditions below? I am going to be working on a limited budget so I'm going to need something that will be workable in all conditions. Thanks

Attica: This is the Badlands Off Road Park. It was formerly a sand and gravel pit. Also contains clay soils and a variety of hills, wide trail.

Bedford, KY: very hilly, near the Ohio river. Clay soils with lots of rocks, numerous rocky creek beds, many open grass track sections, mature timber.

Bloomingdale, MI: very flat, mixed soils, few rocks. includes large MX track, ditches and stream crossings, wide trail.

Bronson, MI: very flat, includes large MX track, lots of jumps and open areas, limited woods. Sandy soils with few rocks, mature pine trees/ hardwood mix. Damp areas in hardwoods become deeply rutted with exposed tree roots, wide trail.

Cayuga: Mix of woods, hills, grass, and MX sections. Course generally crosses a small stream twice each lap. Soils are clay / loam, medium to wide trail.

Columbus: Southern Indiana clay with scattered rocks, rocky sections and limestone creek beds. Heavily wooded with mature timber, lots of elevation changes, and hills of all sizes. Tight to medium trail width, no open fields but logging roads are sometimes included.

Freeman: Rolling land, mature hardwoods. Moderate hills, open field grass track sections, soils are clay / loam with few rocks, tight trail.

Greencastle: Farm country, flat fields, numerous small hills and ravines in mature woods. Soils are clay / loam, few rocks. Tight trails, small log crossings, includes a short MX section

Ligonier: Rolling land, deep sand to dirt / sand mix soils, scattered rocks. Usually includes sections of MX track and some open sections around perimeter of a peat bog. Mature hardwoods, medium to wide trail.

Lynnville: Southern Indiana clay with lots of rocks. This is coal mine country so expect hills and ridges created by old strip mining draglines before mine reclamation was required.…the locals call them “spoils” Hills are steep but of moderate height, a mix of hardwoods and pines. Not many open areas, mature hardwood / pine mix, some natural areas remain.

Matthews: Farm country, relatively flat except for steep hill along the river. Course will cross the river when water levels allow. (C riders sometimes skip river crossing) Lots of open field grass track. Mature hardwoods, tight trail, few rocks.

Mitchell: Southern Indiana clay with a few rocky sections, moderate to small hills. Usually includes grass track and sections of the old Midway MX track. Tight trails

You might want to post this in the midwest forum. I know honda230rider is running the maxxis IT tires front and rear on his 230 and loves them. I hope some other people can give you some good answers becuase I want to race some HS too. Try this site

I started running the D-15 HS races with my son a couple of years ago and we have a lot of fun with it. I assume you have bikes? That topic can fill up an entire forum. But my suggestion is to just take it easy get as good of equipment as you can afford. Don't be afraid to ask around at the races as there are lots of really good people there to help point you in the right direction. I'd be happy to do that if you like. If you're looking for a good HS bike I think you'll have a lot of trouble finding anything better than the KTM 2 strokes. Tires can fill up another whole forum but I prefer the Michelin S-12 for around here. They have grip fantastic and wear very well for what is essentially a mud tire unless you get into a lot of sharp rocks which doesn't happen around here very often. They also work well on the harder stuff in the summer. I wouldn't worry too much about different set ups for the different event sites as they are all essentially the same here in Indiana. Some have a few more hills, open sections, etc but the set-up is all about the same. How old is your daughter? What classes will you guys run? I can give you a little guidance there if you like.

Some of those hare scrambles posted are not the easiest in the world. The race at Lynnville always seems to be a disaster, I've never had any luck there.

If your looking for an easy hare scramble, try LTM over in Casey, IL. They run the girls first so you can be on the sidelines during your daughters race and she will be able to help you out during yours. The course is normally very easy, which would be good to get your feet wet.

And for tires, I haven't found anything better than my Dunlop 756's. :thinking:

Where are you at in Indiana?....

Michelin S-12 have the grip of death,I love them. however one thing in your post said lots of rocks...S12's dont like rocks. will break knobs off. M12 may be a good option. I have the D756 on the rear of my 250x now. I like it in everything but tacky mud. will gum up and takes alot of wheel speed to clean out. in my opinion. I have never ran the Maxxis mentioned earlier, but a guy I ride with loooovvveesss them. My .02

There really aren't very many sharp rocks around here so the S-12's last a good long time. I ran the Maxxis for a while but I think they are too hard which is why they wear well. They are also heavy as can be. Compared them to the Michelins and I think they may have weighed 2 or 3 pounds more each!

To help her get ready for the race. Make her wach the whole Rockie series back to back episodes. That will get her pumped up.

try to stay away from stoney lonesome. Very bad course, jagged rocks, deep ruts, and very wore down track. Sometimes they have a hard time marking out the course. I generally do decent there but I have seen way too many people get hurt because they like that sort of thing there. Its like they'd rather see you get hurt then race it out. muddobbers , hoosier trail riders ,and lynnville are great courses. A lot of people don't like lynnville due to the hills, but if your halfway decent at hills you can do very good there. Lynnville is probably my favorite out of them all. You do have to be careful because the trails are about as big as a deer trail. Really every track has its ups an downs. s12 are excellent tires and I also use the dunlop 773, but I perfer s12 for all indiana tracks except on stoney lonesome. If you do decide to race stoney, just make sure you wear full protective gear. Stoney lonesome is like the ghetto of harescrambles (somebody is going to get hurt). You might want to watch one there before racing it. Just don't want you to get a bad first impression because harescrambles are a blast. Don't miss the ironman in october!!!! Very fun and easy track as long as its not too muddy. If have questions about any tracks or anything just send me a message and I will try to give you a good honest answer. Hope to see you and your daughter out there this year. check out for tires. pretty good deals for tires.


Have you looked into Family Enduro's, this may be the sport for your daughter and yourself to ease into.

I rode two last year and they are a blast! They only cost $20.00 dollars to enter and no AMA membership needed.

Hey shercosam... I went to that website you posted because I was interested in "family enduros". Ive never heard of em and want to know what they are exactly. I have a little brother that is just starting to ride (hes 13 and will be on a cr80) and want him to be able to start racing with me but everything i do is usually a bit much for a beginner.

Don't believe everything you read about Stoney on here.

They do have the toughest terrain in the district and put on more races than any other club. For the big bikes, it's certainly not the place to go if you can't handle rough terrain and hills, or expect a race course to be quad wide and smooth. Some riders get sore because it's usually a tough race. I know I've had more DNF's there than anywhere else, but all those had nothing to due with the course....just my own ability or lack thereof. As far as safety goes, it's no different than any other track in the district and maybe even better than most. I've been hurt much worse at Crawfordsville and Matthews than I have at Stoney (both high speed incidents) and have seen much worse accidents at Lynnville (broken legs, ribs and dislocated shoulders on the 2 guys in front of me.) Speeds are generally slower at Stoney than other tracks because things are for the most part tighter with steeper hills. A new course is laid out for every race and course adjustments are made as the weather dictates. Results are posted faster than any other club in the state. The peewee and mini races there are among the best in the state. For testament to that fact, all you have to look as is the rider turn out. They wouldn't be coming back all season long if it wasn't fun and safe.

To call it ghetto and to suggest that we want to see people get hurt is pretty ignorant and insulting to those of us who bust our butts to put on the best series in the district. If have a problem with anything we do with our races, feel free to contact me directly and I would be happy to make sure it gets addressed.

Sorry if I offended some people on here about stoney lonesome. All harescramble courses in indiana are fun. All I was saying was that stoney is not the place for first year racers to come. Stoney does have a lot of good points and I do like there electronic devices to make sure no one cheats. But if you want to talk about people getting hurt, I have generally seen some one leave in a ambulance at almost every race I attended. I have attended about 8 or 9 of their races. Basically if you don't want to get hurt you should just be a little per cautious of your surroundings and riders. But hey if there are 200 riders and only one person leaves in ambulance that's a 1/2 percent chance its going to be you. I was just trying to give my personal opinion of stoney lonesome. Every track has some good points and bad points.

I respect your opinion, but I disagree about it not being a good place for first year riders. It's normally a tough race, no doubt. Some races, you race the guys on your line. Other races, you have to race the course. Stoney frequently falls into the second category. It's easy to get all jacked up on the line with the excitement of the first race and get suckered into riding over your head. This is when you get into trouble and get hurt. The more rugged the terrain and conditions, the more important it is to ride your own race and worry about the course. This is especially important at Stoney, but applies to any race. The sooner new racers learn this, the better.

If you want to talk about dangerous races, I could tell you some stories about near head on collisions with drunken rednecks on quads and dune buggies on the race course. Those were all at non-sanctioned races, though.

Our first event this year is the Stoney GP on March 28th. This would be a great race for any first time woods racer. It's sort of a much less brutal than normal hare scramble. The course is pretty wide and flowing. The length is about half or less of a normal h/s lap. It's kinda like a hare scramble-lite.


The family Enduro's consist of 2/15 mile laps. The 2 events I rode last year consisted of much single track. We rode the first lap which had a 12mph speed, then took a 30min. break. The second lap was 18mph and we put the hammer down. Family Enduros are a great Introduction to the off road racing world and especially for easing into HS.

i am gonna be in a family enduro(i know its not a harescramble) and i heard it a good place to race, for beginners.

its in mathews, here is a link to it. and its the family enduro on the 10th of JULY.

if there is on harescramble i would choose to race at, its GNCC klotz iron man, in crawfordsville IN. but that is a long way away. its hard there.

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