Tire Size Question - Dunlop 739A/T

I hear that these are one of the best tires for desert trail riding here in AZ, but they only come in a 120 for a 19" wheel. Since my '07 normally uses a 110, has anybody had any fitment or handling issues with the 120? Thanks in advance.

The difference between the two is minimal. If you are the caliber of rider that can tell the difference between 12 psi and 14psi you might feel the difference otherwise, mount it up and go riding. It will fit, I've been using 120's for 5 years on my CRF450's I like them more.

Thanks for the response!

If you can find just the 739 it was made in a 110. I picked up 3 from cyclegear a while back for 34 bucks each. Maybe they have some left over

Thanks, I'll check it out!

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