Decompressor Arm

I was recently checking the valve clearance on my 2003 and I noticed that the decompressor arm was not moving very freely. When I kicked it through it would actuate the exhaust valves but not return all the way to the roller riding on the cam. It just kind of rides between the exhaust valve and the cam. When I disassembled the arm, it was a pretty tight fit where the arm goes through the cam holder and the spring could not return the arm all the way. There are no obvious signs of wear or galling and I have never really noticed it before so I’m not sure if this is normal, but it just doesn’t seem right. What do you guys think?

Can you pull on the return spring to see if it has any tension? Will it move freely with the snap ring and nut removed?

If you can't see anthing obvious, you may have to take some emery cloth and just hand fit it.

It appears that the spring still has tension, just not enough to bring the arm back as it seems bound up a little. The arm does not move freely with the nut removed, it takes a bit of pressure to move the arm back and forth. It basically feels like the tolerances are too tight. There are no obvious galls for the arm to catch on so I might just try emery cloth. I just wasn’t sure how crucial the fit is. Thanks

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