Alpinestars Tech 6 boots for the price of Tech 3!

Hey guys. I'm down in Ft. Myers, FL on vacation seeing my family and I have just purchased my first motocross bike, 2007 CRF250R and had no boots. I went by Sun Sports Cycle and Watercraft to get a pair of ATV Sole Tech 3s and talked to the parts manager Tommy Willoughby. He said that they didn't have any Tech 3 ATV soles in stock but asked if I was interested in the Tech 6 boots. I said no due to them being more expensive and he said "No don't worry about that, I'll let you have the Tech 6s for the price of the ATV Tech 3's which is $199"


I was pumped to say the least. I'm not affiliated in any way with this place, I just had to spread the word maybe they'll cut the same deal for other riders. I told him I was going to post on TT about the deal and he said "Good!". They have a website and would ship.

phone: 239-277-7777


The Tech 6s are discountinued but were great boots. As a matter of fact, I still have a pair from 2006 and they are still in great shape. Congrats on the deal!

I really like the Tech 6's I have had for a few years now. They are very good boots.

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