Suspension settings?

I weigh about 180lbs and im 5'11. How many clicks should I adjust my forks to make a perfect ride for my weight and height? Thanks in advance.

There is no one perfect setting.

What is your skill level? What type of terrain are you riding?

Yea, and what bike are you riding? There are so many variables. But as the previous poster said, there are no perfect settings. Ideally, your settings should change everytime you ride unless you ride at the same place, with the same conditions everytime. If you ride a hard packing, chopped up track, the settings will be different than if you rode a moist, loamy, jump filled track. Or if you ventured into the woods with lots of rocks, your settings, again, SHOULD be different.

But the very first thing you should, no need to do is set your race sag. And then after that, check the free sag to tell whether your springs are the proper ones for you. If you don't know how to do this, I'm sure there has to be a thread in here somewhere that will tell you how.

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