I hear that Avenal is open or is this just BS ? Would be nice due to all the snow and needing a place to ride. Thanks.

cant say for sure, but i highly doubt it, the hills are private or BLM, BLM closed it up too, and the old race track closed 30 yrs ago.

It seems to me that Avenal has been closed since before Kettleman closed. Seems like the 70's to me.

I last raced there in 73-74, cross country race in the foothills.

You were able to ride the hills at Jayne & I5 until the spring of 07, then the sheriff's showed up, posted a bunch of no trespassing signs and started chasing people out. At one point, they said they would write tickets and impound bikes if people continued to ride. It was privatly owned and the oil company didn't mind people riding there, but rumor has it that BLM took it over and other rumors were that it became a sherrifs training center. Recently, I heard that some people were riding out there again, the no trespassing signs were gone and the sheriffs left them alone. Don't know how true this is, maybe someone from the area can verify if it's open again?

Avenal is not open. People have been riding the area but most are locals and the rest are taking their chances in some of the oil fields.

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