Electrical problems...08 450

ok guys, its been a long time since i posted on here, my bike stopped gettin spark a while ago. i went through and tested everything with my ohm meter. I need your guys help now. I believe its the stator according to the manual, but just wanna be sure before spending the money.

alright guys... here are my ohm readings for everything.


Primary Windings --> 0.5

Secondary Windings --> 13.77


Red and White --> OL

GW and YW --> 241.14

Im guessing this means i need a new stator seeing how i should see between 30-60 Ohms off the Red and White leads.

before replacing it try cleaning the magnets off, (preferably with sandpaper) they do that on the industrial power washers generators etc. its worth a last try then just buying a new one.

How exactly would i go about cleaning them? just go over them with sand paper or what?

Also could the flywheel be at fault? Lost magnatism maybe? i checked the fly wheel, and it has no magnatism with a screw... idk how much there is supposed to be but my yamaha had a lot mof magnatism in it. the stator itself has very low magnatism also. but the firing sensor is still strong. My guess is it is actually the flywheel that went bad??

Ok guys, i need help on this ASAP, i need to get some indoor practice in this winter. What is your guys opinion on the stator test results and the fact the flywheel has like no magnetism to even hold up a screw??

I had the same problem with my 450, I put a new sator in and that fixed it. There not cheap, I would order one up. I wasn't really sure want went wrong with mine, nothing looked wrong..

its my stator, but its kinda bs it only lasted 6 hours of run time....

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